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Announcement :: Globalization
DNC2RNC to RNC2interrogation+programming
17 Dec 2007
Modified: 11:52:49 PM
How organized protest was used to cooberate profile to distinguish settlement process with seattle trade protestors DNC2RNC organized from Media Island from Olypia Washington.
This content was from a lucid Author due to Federal Funding and partisian conflicts- method of resoultion to psychiatric malpractice was to induce psychosis to remove investigative liabilites. Review writing styles and content shift.

Article 1 dated:

Pirates and the U.S.S. constitution
Thursday, August 12, 2004 3:12 PM
"jason dedrick" <tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)>
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spaceimaginationhope (at), piracy (at),

use the force

To defy the state, when its contempt for human intelligence reaches into the heart will bring only a journey of self realization. This single idea will be the staple of a peaceful resistance to a tyrannical state.

14 days and approximately 30 discussions and one common enemy, however in not once was the enemy given shape. He was not harbored in a physical form, and the discussions did not center on the goal of the march, that being the protest of the Republican National Convention…this I feel because the meaning of the conversations were bonded by a common thread. The traveling group of artist, dreamers, thrill seekers and independent media families all of whom are acting on a principle of voting is not enough have bridged a gap. A gap not maintained by conflict but rather resolve, resolution, and consensual problem solving; all driven by a what happens when we ally toward equitable compromise.

There is no communist flag or cultist agenda. There is no absence of agenda or intent to forge a welfare state. There is only strong minded people, passionate resistance to emotional borders and the occasional frustration. The people and the gatherings intended to teach on one angle the resistance of the Zapatista resistance along with consensual decision making are made abstract through my capitalist filter. The Zapatista, the Anarchist, capitalist and elder informationist are equally in union for a cause against the media cartels. We have managed in splintered groups each day coalescing in harmony through self realization. We have, each of us managed to comfort, give consideration, open arms and breath in as we engage conversation to ready our might for the protest in front of us. Asking…what police state will scar our lung tissue, as tear gas is shot into the peaceful rebel forces holding hands in union against the destroyer of people and civilizations. What panic and chaos might commence as we speak against elitism, corporate hegemony, the contract society, the selling of securities based on military resource conscription, and the new frontier of falconering*

To the road of large social/economic goals we have begun in this continental congress of self discovery managed to open our own future; our own day to day resistance in order to deprogram. Moving slowly through each state, passing cultures and our own countries history along the way we have broken, “Frame Rate Cognition*.” We are beating the stationary economy, the basis of all security and investment practices that threaten the establishment of a free democracy. We are not stable component, we are not to be governed by speculation and forecast, we are the winds of change. You and I, and here in this place, this not so small group moving in union against the product of our neglect have realized it is the people’s revolution. It is a state of mind, our state of awareness that will make changes.

Seek information that is guarded, and you will know its responsibility! Seek community and it will bring responsibility, accountability. Beyond these things though seek culture, for it is culture that is the fire to humanity. That search alone shall keep men and women warm in the lamp light of hope. The lamp light of lady liberty who watches on over us, as long as we watch on over her and take to heart her remedy.

The remedy is what we are doing here on this journey; we are coming to baseline to common awareness away from trivial distractions, to the heart of our own “humanism.” It is not war, violence or the school yard bully that we shoulder. It is not incomprehensible or un-sustainable ideas that engender human compassion. It is not a protest against the state that shall make us strong on our journey, it is however instead our sharing, and our rational attempt to resolve problems through intellectual discourse. It is our ability to understand dynamics in cultural warfare seeded to us all the days of our lives…each and every day, time and time again.

We are not creatures of contempt nor are we heralds of apocalypse. We are one thing, individual who wish to propagate the seeds of a promising future. In our midst there is no wolf in sheep’s clothing, there is no dissenter of common cause. This group rides on the wave of a promised future, this group rides on the waves of influence for community and cultures not bonded by economic mental repression, have found new consent to rule as self discovery against the programming machine re-defines our potential in common cause.

To conclude I say this; break the mental frame rate cognition by deprogramming from the state sponsored attempt to stimulate all forms of sensory induction. Be alive, move, resist, break the cage of the stationary information hegemony that controls information. For information must come first in all decision making process. Without proper information there will be no proper decision; we must break the security complex that dominates free trade based on the promise of instability. From there your self- discoveries will engage a natural evolution. Where what was once tyrannical will be a stepping stone of progress toward higher levels of compassion and awareness.

Ours is such a journey.

DNC2RNC opinion of one marcher.
Monday, August 16, 2004 3:55 PM
From jason dedrick Mon Aug 16 12:55:57 2004
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:55:57 PDT
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:55:57 -0700 (PDT)
jason dedrick <tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)>
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Subject: DNC2RNC opinion of one marcher.
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="0-330364533-1092686157=:80960"
Content-Length: 14341
Compact Headers

The following writing is a personal expression from Jason Dedrick a marcher on the DNC2RNC march from Boston to New York. I am a 100% disabled veteran who was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Fleet. These are my opinions and expressions. If you seek more writings of peaceful givings in this march, please contact the Hiroshima Peace Museum in Japan about recent letter from Jason Dedrick stating an apology for the nuclear holocaust through sci-fi western artwork project. Please respond in any way before I attempt to have it published prior to arrival. For more information and daily video journals go to

Article 2:

Resistance 2 Self Realization.

Imagine, you and I are walking on the front lines of a peaceful resistance. We are now walking city to city from Boston to New york, until at last we arrive at the Republican National Convention with a naked cause.
The journey strips us of banal mediocrity, cleanses us from the media hype machine, and distills us from a salted regime, therein giving us new impetuous. New impetuous forged from self realization, and tempered from a certain rational driving our peaceful resistance against a solid force
... a private, ex-military strategist working much like the 19th century Pinkerton detectives, who is currently planning the police action in preparation for our peaceful protest. A military planner who plans against so called rouge groups just like us who are comprised of; hippies, anarchist, dreamers, zapatismos and others. Groups who are all passionate advocates against the control of free trade through the "Domestic, Security Military Complex." The same complex that feeds on threat establishment, in order to funnel the people's money through the bath house of Congress.
Beware citizens of a fifth Rome, be weary of any action that denies you of your voting power through peaceful protests. Protests such as ours that march on toward the New York Republican National Convention. Beware citizens of New York, the streets shall be filled with a very small rouge group of resisters, while the media shapes fear propagation for the Bush Empire and their attempt to appropriate power over peaceful assembly. We march in common cause, with splintered frustrations, and a common foe. Please continue to imagine us and "our," march.
We began our march from Boston, only a couple of miles away from the old north church where minute men in the revolutionary war engaged a revolution for our countries Independence. A revolution that was developed from the true democratic meetings of the five years prior...the meetings of the Continental Congress.
We engaged, during those uncertain years, the tyrannical state of then King George who taxed and imposed rules of false sovereignty. Now King George the II imposes his sovereignty over other nations, with our taxes, while leaving his nation; uneducated, misinformed and uncertain of their future. Did Oswald kill the last real American leader?A leader who could guide and instruct long term goals, a leader who could speak for justice with peace. Where has the spirit of out founding father's been laid to rest? Has it been laid to rest in Dallas and with the Texas oil Regime of the Bush "intelligence," Dynasty? Has energy policy constructed political leaders who give misrepresentation to a un-informed democratic state? I say that proper information is paramount to proper decision making.
Our peaceful march has thus far engaged such ideas. Ideas, that we require long term goals, vision, open forums for the frontiers we may all be part of. We demand consensus planning for peaceful industrial movements. Our march is one of rebellion..."for rebellion is in the eye of the oppressor."
We march now in peaceful opposition, with intellectual discourse, with open arms, consideration: with our future of resource sharing to fight for. We fight for tomorrow for tomorrow is ours. Tomorrow is not to be shrouded by false securities. I ask...Is our future to be enslaved by the wealthy, police-state? A state that must stabilize itself on the continued creation of threat establishment? The jobs of tomorrow can make gainful our future as a hospitable race. We must, though in order to do so, break the consistent programing of fears that keep us from sharing our discomforts, our shallow desires, and even our painful discoveries of human nature that sometimes conflict with how we perceived the future to be. These painful discoveries are not though to be so painful that we, hide our voting power and allow the continued abuse against the free people's of the world for the maintenance of national security that is diametrically linked to controlled market economy in a future governed by science and technology policy. Wake up and protest the Republican National Convention.
We must remember why "We," Americans placed our hands over our hearts in grade school as we pledged allegiance to the flag, our symbol of freedom and democracy. Our symbol of sovereign statehood and unified by the confederation of men and women who ally for defense from invasion from a potential, and tyrannical, opposing force. "WE," pledged as we were programmed to respect power without questioning authority. We Americans must now pledge for a cause of continued peaceful co-existence, under our flag or no flag. Let us hold our hands in silence to represent peace as though our hands were flags. Flags that are to never be taken on the battle field of false cause. There is but one family of cause; Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, our right to express, assemble and manufacture goods that represent our peaceful desires...and, as we move into the information age our exact and express right to "information sovereignty."
No more will the security complex of a faulty "Intelligence construct," dictate our information securities. Our naked cause is not insane, it is not threatening, it is peace with justice. It is the forming of solutions for the greater human compromise. The compromise is for all...the compromise is for all: for the police men who engage in activities that threaten their children's posterity, for the dreamers who do not engage in activities that perpetuate their children's posterity. This compromise is about; freedom, equality and vision. What does the future hold?
Be part of the culture of peaceful resistance, be part of the American heart and search for higher compromise and de-program with us, de-program with us. Plan your own peaceful protest against the state of tyranny and the abuse of content control for the military industrial build up of power. Just say no to the Empire.

Respectfully addressed to those who think, reason, and hope for a promising future.

Jason Dedrick

Article 3: see content in xautoun on

NOW: see content removed from

From : "thinktankoperations (at)" <thinktankoperations (at)>

To : spaceimagiantionhope (at), thinktankoperations (at)

Subject : Fw: Letter to Office of Special Investigations intially sent November 9th 2007.

Date : Sun, Dec 16, 2007 12:15 PM

One ship of culture set forth- upon a promise. Targeting as it headed on its course north with a line of sight on the tail of the Al quaida. Each server was a destination and point of geography and for those defining the distance to the horizon of a market commerce defined by America’s mercantilism and its developing interest abroad- asserted that the following story line was part of a psychological aggravation. The enemy had identified the planners mindset- radial thinking. Distance from the center of the coordinate plots of a satellite in XYZ planer coordinate with a degree and momentum toward imaging and depicting the end road of peace with promise. Responsible citizens and good judgment in America could hardly define the extremist parties in the Middle east; taking a bath by Rome or a Portable Explosive Device by the family agenda setting to define a right of ---

The behavioral analyist came into the debate and with good judgment could still not discern what it was that made the extremist do the following.

How would a Foreign Nation recruit sympathetic world views in America against a Christian majority in a so called HOLY WAR? The sympathetic curve in the dark labyrinths of the Church of Satan – what better place to define a culture in America to distinguish a practice of recruiting-right, where is your network funding, were close to the--a holy war needed a plan, and Jenna was utopia for the planners networks in America. Funding activities through criminal organizations is one function of the end cause for the extremist agenda. Who would have known the years of ; Just then a story line was inserted for you to discern as fact or fiction about a mind control agenda…from space the story was as follows; we began our travels with a profile in mind- then end road of a story about the world views of discerning how the practice at birth to define a GENETIC lineage was wrong and on two different paths one was unified to be a cause against the popular party of human slavery human capital and tracking and surveillance- from space the story read like this – We started from the BRIMSTONE place people live in PURGATORY as by a real geography in SOUTHWESTERN COLORADO and by a “symbolic meaning,” and traveled through the LAS ANIMAS VALLEY a real geography and a with a SYMBOLIC MEANING named by the NATIVES to curse the Colonization of the area by the WHITE ANGLO SAXONS of WEST POINT LIKE behaviors- not like point WEST to Mecca but like a WEST POINT to symbolize the character of integrity as a BOND with chains that would never break holding together the threads of a MILITARY PURPOSE in discerning America’s new frontier- and though Purgatory the HORSELESS DRAWN CARRIAGE a psychological tool – a satirical concept about America’s failures in reaching its designating principle of behavior of WESTWARD EXPANSION, that had matriculated into the cause for a manifestation of behavior…and there the “TROJAN HORSE,” defining profiles of “Alexander the Great,” with a counter defining the SOCIAL crisis in human thinking around the Aerospace Industry and failures to reach the stars before midnight tonight…went with images conjuring up a Religious Idiosyncrasy, yet with composition to a heated debate on Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning – the issues with the intellectual design argument, with full content of xautoun-zengersbomb-hamurabeye.pdf as seen on as defining a cultural bias with content based on discerning; a cause for prejudice- such to say then the story traversed through many stops to an shifting battle space of a story told about a RUSSIAN TROJAN HORSE- the RED OKTOBER which was a parts tracking network sniffer for U.S. counter development research teams. The travels while in Las Animas Valley passed by an Office of a “time/rate function,” of SYNCRASY to “Sync-Crazy,” with a SOVIET DEFECTOR- who was a HUMAN RESOURCE SNIFFER – a deep plant, part of the TROJAN HORSE- and so from thence the travel in the GOD’S EYE VIEW of planners prerogative alluding to a AIRFORCE insight passed by also 10 FALCON LANE a little story line, and when from there it passed to the CITY of VULCAN as VULCAN IS X, insert symbolic Meaning, as VULCAN is Y, insert function of city, AS VULCAN is Z, a private competitor with space travel agenda setting principles- and from thence the end road to the GOD OF FIRE AND FORGE- was a image of a story line by a compiler of facts – was there planning for such a attempt to engage the mind in topics that debate upon the philosophies of space travel and the cause for a human imperative for survival. Yet, distinguished by a shifting end road, should the “Paradise Lost,” Milton had spoken about have been so real to be in PARIDISE WASHINGTON- from Vulcan X, Y, Z, to PARIDISE- was like from the point and meaning of X,Y,Z, to PARA-DISE WASHINGTON. As a refugee from the popular party – a nice ending – amnesty with gift. The city had a nice amount of RUSSIANS who could not return home due to prejudices in their home country- and the Refugee act was one with where many felt why should such tolerance be adjusted to s single cultural minority in America? A Russian community with a tethered string of ties to the Former Soviet Union was in PARA-DISE- and how could the story end like that from the GOD of FIRE and FORGE of a CHRISTIAN Majority to resolve the conflict in a Refugee City of Russians; what a story had Developed from the gods eye view of the total amount of prejudice to a single asset. One little asset, a little, tincey, wincey, as such as a single aerospace commodity to review its value when assessed against the rational and sane composition to the company objective- yet, discerning it as unsound, and leveraging a cause for inspection of the MIND to define rational harmonies with a end road…MAYBE RED MOND-AY is a relevant issue with the BYCYCLE CAPITAL of the WORLD AFTER ALL! Who knew that a national with little resources with the Full Backing of the Soviet Unions former KGB intelligence networks could assist so functionally to the companies agenda- which is what make “nothing,” have value-imagine, giving support to such a institution in America a real monopoly of a information pyramid like ------------ and create co-dependencies with a economic tether to information commodities that create nothing but co-dependency- manufacturing ties to the end road of information are about purpose.

What purpose is debated in the cause for a unifying principle of the aerospace seat asset set to the information gathering asset- let it be little more than educational reform for the better resolve of a duality of nations with gainful improprieties over many patents within scope and objective of two nations –with expertise to examine a corporate governance in the aftermath of case.

There he sat; wondering what had been done to make such a story with allusions as real and distinct to assertions of a planner with great leverage over the points of confirmation for a like minded---.
See also:

This work is in the public domain


Content below structured to xautoun on has different meaning
17 Dec 2007
Tuesday, August 31, 2004 3:19 PM
"jason dedrick" <tsiolkovsky_gravity (at)>
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imc-nyc-tech (at)




by Jason Dedrick
Email: spaceimaginationhope (nospam)
31 Aug 2004


It has begun! We walked from the U.N. building headed
toward Madison Square Garden to exercise our express
rights to protest the development of a “Police State.”
A “Police State,” that showed us the management of
resistance through tactical military strategies.
Strategies intended to coral us as animals, then mass
arrest us for our dislike of the Republican National
Convention and the control of media. While armed
police men stood on the corners of rooftops we walked
into a set-up. First the streets were widened and then
the walk began to break up, suddenly the intentional
attacks on us began. One arrest every 100 feet with
the intention to break us up and place us in corals.
Then, the pins or animal cages were closed in on us.
Meanwhile…the “Guiliani,” speaks of 9/11 in the
apocalyptic sense of the book of revelations and
concludes with the religious idolization of Bush in an
anecdote. An anecdote that when finished he said to a
teary eyed fascist state thank god, that bush was
president during 9/11. If his tongue were in the
Bushman’s ass any more than it was his taste buds
could have removed colon cancer.
Meanwhile…all the people in the protest saw the
undeniable proof that every consideration had been
given to protect the RNC from democracy. The chants,
“Who’s streets, our streets, who’s streets, our
streets,” echoed in the minds of the freedom fighters.
I then drifted into my imaginations as I recalled the
family stories. One story in particular; my great,
great, great, etc. grandfather was a minute man in the
revolutionary war, and his father, and his father
before him owned a large percentage of Mohawk Valley,
including Manhattan. This is the land of Democracy, of
revolution, of freedom, of dissent. Our country, will
not fall prey to these brainwashed republican bastards
and the international hegemony that controlled me and
fellow patriots in the streets last night as cattle. I
am free, and they have begun it; my epiphany of
resistance. They have waged war with the citizen’s of
America and the beast showed its face last night. The
beast showed its colors and treated us as cattle. Last
night was the beginning of the definition of the enemy
state. I now know with certainty my enemy is that
which cages me and intimidates me with guns while I
exercise my first amendment.
We were in the nuclear state last night! A compressed
group of free radicals, who think, reason, and oppose.
We were in the face of the enemy and it, the enemy,
was our programmer. Our programmer is not the great
OZ, but rather that system which conditions us to
follow the green light, red light traffic management
leaving our good judgment to consider the yellow brick
road as the path of compromise. You will stop, and you
will go when we say so. Never more!
Meanwhile...Senator John Mcain personally critiques
Michael Moore’s freedom of expression through film and
Mirimax is on top of the information pyramid! Repeat
after me…Sovereign information borders.
I feel that Americans will support one company who
breaks the mold and leaves the RNC now. Meaning, if I
were Disney I would pull out and support Miramax and
Wesley Clark. Will America support Disney if it said,
“This country is the land of the free, and we board
members have decided that we do not support the evil
empire. We will work with privatized space and Boeing
Aerospace along with Apple Computer to insure the
travel industry and American constitutional values are
maintained in light of what happened last night. The
rights of the American People were blatantly and
publicly abused last night. We will plan for the
future of freedom and separate if we must from the
U.S. Space Command’s plans of total global dominance
and a borderless state that infringes on the rights of
all peoples.

Otherwise; I leave you with a message of leave taking
and farewell, my countrymen, my fellow freedom
fighters of global solidarity…leave the fascist state
soon. Move to neutral countries before you are
corralled in the pin of injustice and the sick abuse
with contempt for all we have carefully built. Our
civilization will not fall this way. You can plan a
resistance and reclaim the flag of freedom in a
country with resources. Go to Peru and stop American
imperialism from consuming other nation’s resources;
this will help our cause against the totalitarian

Respectfully addressed to all who think reason and
give consideration to hopeful tomorrows.

Below are views from Jason Dedrick posted while on the
DNC2RNC march from Boston to New York.
See also: